Fifth Sunday of Lent

When Lazarus is raised, John notices the tombstone being taken away, as well as Lazarus’ burial cloths and head covering —all details he later notices with Jesus’ empty tomb. Lazarus represents all humanity. He stands for “dead men”—for all those Jesus loves and wants to liberate from the bands of sin and death. Lazarus’ death is used by Jesus to reveal “the glory of God” (see John 9:3). And again, like last week, Jesus’ words and deeds give sight to those who believe. If we believe, we will see—that Jesus loves each of us as He loved Lazarus, that He calls us out of death and into new life.

By His Resurrection Jesus has fulfilled Ezekiel’s promise in today’s First Reading. He has opened the graves that we may rise, put His Spirit in us that we may live. This is the Spirit that Paul writes of in today’s Epistle. The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead will give life to we who were once dead in sin. “I have promised and I will do it,” the Father assures us in the First Reading. We must trust in His word, as we sing in today’s Psalm—that with Him is forgiveness and salvation.

Please Pray for the Sick
Please also pray those who have died recently and all the Souls of the faithful departed.
Stations of the cross Fridays after mass please come and join us

Church News

If anyone who requires Confessions, both the Priest are available upon request.

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